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For us designing and beading patterns is a bit of a passion. We have a real love for animals, and as you see they are the main focus of our work.
My heritage is Irish and Scottish, I learned beading while living on the Mojave and Navajo Indian Reservations. At the age of 12, I designed my first bead pattern, and have been designing ever since.Janie’s heritage is Seneca and Scottish. Her grandfather taught her to bead when she was a child. It is her excellent eye for color combinations that helps to bring our designs to life.
We hope you enjoy our patterns and will visit often.

Sincerely Duane



Calvin of Calvin Wild Photography

 We are pleased to announce a new series of bead patterns

designed from the photographic work of

Calvin of Calvin Wild Photography.

Calvin is an amazing photographer and friend, you will love the new patterns, they are so full of life. We are currently working on 3 different “Wild” Series from Calvin’s work. Children, Nature, and Aninals.

You can view Calvin’s Photos and get an ideal of what is in store for you at.


or at



Here is an example of the first released pattern of his cat Sacha.